Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What types of Content Marketing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing 

Content is King as you know in online marketing industry. But make sure your content relevant to your business and target audience which will help to generate more value in terms of reader, search, traffic etc.

There are huge channels where you can share your content with create content marketing strategy.
  • Blog Post
  • Article Post
  • Guest post
  • Newsletter
  • Press Release
  • Social Sharing channel
  • Video 
  • Magazine
  • Webpages
any many others.

If your to looking to your services products to launch or promote you have to create best content strategy.
which will help to increase your search engine visibility, branding etc.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Which links are important to your campaign?

Always huge discussion on links after 2012 Google Algorithm on links. Whenever you approach for SEO client they really discuss regarding links generation and ask how can generate more back links for website. Some people does not know the exact meaning of back links for their website. They need SEO result for their website  by hook or by crook. But this is not safe for long time for their business. 

Google has already guide lines for links and we should know if we/client or any organization not  follow the Google guide lines  google will defiantly penalize our website.

So we have to follow the Google guide lines for links.

According to Survey in 2014 link building tactics harmful for any website
  •  Paid links
  • Article directories
  • Web directories
  • Web directories
  • Forum links
  • Rented links
  • Blog network
Most Effective link building tactics?

  • Content
  • Infographic Promotion
  • Mapping, 
  • Local Promotion like Google Plus page
  • Blog
  • Guest post

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Major Google updates 2012

First Penguin update on April 24, 2012

2nd Penguin update on May 24, 2012

3rd Penguin update on October 5, 2012

EMD Update on September 28th, 2012

Panda Algorithm Update on 27th September, 2012

Google Image update on September 29th 2012

 And What is next major update by Google in 2013?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

server headers codes

Server header codes are very important roll in SEO and website performance. If you are SEO consultant or Agency and working on any website analysis or promoting any website you have to take care of these server header codes. If you are not able to track these type of the pages on the website your website can not perform well. If your website not perform well you cant get good result in the search engines and you can not generate huge traffic, sales etc. through website.

Following are Server header codes
  • 301  -  Moved Permanently (redirection)
  • 302  -  Temporary Redirection
  • 304  -  Not Modified
  • 400  -  Bad Request
  • 401 -   Unauthorized
  • 403   -  Forbidden
  • 404 -   Not Found
  • 500 -   Internal Server Error
If you find any of them you have to take care and choose best solutions for it.

Example: If you are getting 404 -page not found  on the site you have to find what is suitable page for it and if there is no page then you have to think what should do or use redirection to home page or any relevant page.

Google Webmaster also provide you list of these type of the errors on the site. You have to remove these types error from the site so your website perform well and boost ranking, business online.

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E-Commerce boosting in India

Its really great potential in E-commerce market in India and have $10 billion market and growing day by day and it could be $125 billion and 2025.. Others countries also growing in e commerce marketing and China is one of them. But we should not forget there are huge marketing in India and following are most popular e-commerce like *Amazon , Snapdeal, Make my Trip, Bookmyshow* , *flipkart. etc.

Snapdeal focused on include home goods, fashion and consumer electronics and now it has 20 million online users and Snapdeal expected $400 million in sales in 2013.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How SEO Consultant help to boost your business website and brand?

" SEO Consultant", Search Engine Optimization", "SEO Analyst" and some time website promoter, web optimizer are terms people always use  to hire for their business promotion, website optimization or search engine optimization etc. and want to boost their business, website or brand in the search engines and generate website ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. and increase website traffic, leads, queries, sales that's why companies hire SEO Consultant.

SEO consultant provide his SEO service and help to boost website result in the search engines with using SEO techniques and generate ranking of the website and make your brand popular in the search engines.   SEO consultant analysis website and suggest some SEO recommendation to web developer which is SEO friendly like H1, JAVA Script, content Development, Redirection, broken links etc. and make sure all the recommendation complete on time. Also he would suggest you keywords research and all keywords should be relevant of your business.

Also target keywords on the content page, meta with proper keywords density etc. He will submit your website pages in the directories, blogs  and generate  back links to increase the page rank, page authority, domain authority etc. which is very helpful to increase website ranking, traffic, and popularity.  SEO consultant know their task and process with Onpage and offpage activities for the website and apart of these promote your website through Social Media channels  Facebook, twitter and YouTube etc.

So whenever you hire SEO Consultant, you can ask some of questions which will help to your business or organization.

You can ask him about his Experience and industry. What type of previous company and which type of website done and what type of the result delivered.
Is there same industry experience?
What type of result business can you delivered?

These type of the questions you can ask if your hire SEO consultant and he can help to boost your business, website or brand popular.

If you are looking SEO consultant let us know!

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